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Pest & Building

Pest Report and Building Report should be obtained before exchange. These things must be done before the client is committed to the contract. These reports should be in writing, done by an experienced inspector and the inspector must hold PI Insurance. All reports are addressed to the client. A copy of the reports are also given to the client so that they have time to read them properly and if there are any matters that need to be looked at further to speak to the inspector for clarification.

If the report is not favorable the purchaser can either withdraw from the purchase or they might like to negotiate the purchase price so that any decrease in price will allow them the cost of rectification of any matter disclosed in the report.

Some things disclosed in the report may already be known to the client and taken into account when initially negotiating the purchase price. Pest reports are necessary on every property no matter what they may be built of. Full brick homes can have termite infestations, there is some timber in all buildings and none are immune from infestation by termites.

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