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SellingWhen you sell a property it is compulsory to have a copy of the complete contract for sale available, which must contain a number of documents relating to the property, including a Section 149 Certificate, drainage diagram and title search.

On receiving your instructions we can order all necessary documents and searches in order to complete the marketing contract. The marketing contract is prepared and sent to your selling agent/s in order that the property can be offered for sale and advertised.

We ask for payment for the searches obtained for the contract at this time and our fee is charged when the completion of the sale has taken place.

“When selling your house, having a competent and well informed conveyancer can mean the difference in thousands when it comes to the final sale. Meryllyn Page Conveyancing’s Personal one-on-one service means nothing is overlooked throughout the process”

Exchange of contracts is when the contracts are dated and the deposit is payable at this time..
Upon exchange of contracts both parties make a firm legal commitment to each other.

After exchange will take care of all documentation to complete the sale on your behalf in accordance with your instructions. If you have a mortgage on your property we arrange for the mortgage to be discharged on settlement.

Prior to settlement (which normally takes four to six weeks after exchange of contracts) we would arrange for settlement figures to be determined to take into account adjustments to the purchase price that may be required for such things as Council or water rates. If you have a mortgage to discharge we obtain a payout figure from your mortgagee and seek your instructions as how cheques for the balance of the purchase funds are to be made out.

We will personally attend or arrange to have a competent agent attend settlement your behalf, ensuring that all relevant documentation is handed to the purchaser and bank cheques are received on your behalf as per instructions

At Meryllyn Page Conveyancing we charge a ‘flat fee’, regardless of the selling price, plus disbursements (i.e. money actually spent on your behalf) for acting on your behalf in the sale of your property. This fee includes everything required to complete the transfer in title of your property. You do not need to engage a solicitor when using our firm we handle all your conveyancing needs. We also carry full Professional Indemnity and Fidelity insurance.

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