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Power of Attorney

Power of AttorneyEnsuring that you have an Enduring Power of Attorney is one of the most sensible and financially responsible things that you can do.

Circumstances can arise in which you may be unable to make decisions. about matters that are vitally important to you – matters such as your own finances and assets. These circumstances can arise due to illness, accident, the onset of advanced age or simply not being available at the time (for example, absent overseas).

An Enduring Power of Attorney enables you to appoint someone you know and trust to look after your assets and financial affairs. Decisions about personal and lifestyle matters are best made by a person appointed as an Enduring Guardian.

Without an Enduring Power of Attorney, another person may have to be . appointed by legal process to manage your affairs – including your financial affairs. This legal process can be avoided – and you can select the person(s) you want to handle your affairs – by having your own Enduring Power of Attorney.

An Enduring Power of Attorney is as essential as a legal Will.

Here at Meryllyn Page Conveyancing we help you to make a legal and valid Enduring Power of Attorney by taking you through each step and making sure that you understand as you go.