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Prescribed Documents

Prescribed Documents Are As Follows:

  1. 149 Certificates – apply to the Local Council
  2. Sewer – apply to relevant authority
  3. Title Search -Searching the records of the Registrar General

149 Planning Certificates are obtained from the local council in which the property is situated. The certificates vary in format from one local government area to another. They provide information as to the zoning of the land, and matters affecting the property in regard to contamination and resumption.

Items that may be disclosed in the S.149 Certificate:

  • The zoning ie. what can the property be used for
  • Is it affected by the Coastal Protection Act
  • Is it affected by mine subsidence
  • Is it affected by road widening and road alignment
  • Is the land affected by any council policies
  • Is the land reserved for acquisition
  • Any matters in regard to contamination
  • Is the land bush fire prone land
  • Is the land flood prone

A Sewer drainage diagram is issued by the relevant water authority. For example in the Sydney area you would obtain the diagram from Sydney Water. The diagram will indicate the location of the sewer in relation to the land.